December 30, 2010

The 7th article of 2010

This blog really match to the name that call 没人点击的部落格
All is just because the super duper lazy user
Unfortunately, that is the user style..that's hard to change..
And this article is the 7th article of 2010.
Till the end of the year i just realize that i am lack of money. Gosh!
And i dunno what the purpose that i post this article to here right now.
To increase the amount of the post of 2010??
Or to prove that this blog really suitable to the name of 没人点击的部落格??
Who knows??!

August 29, 2010



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July 21, 2010

i disappointed her

May 17, 2010

First week first lesson

First week first lesson...

Nothing much to say

After the orientation week

Can say that quite enjoy~

Although the 1st day really not so willing to attend


Keep plan to absent

But then at the end . . . . . . .

FULL attendance ! !

I trust that many of them same too~

But then still enjoy~


No more HOLIDAYS ! ! !

I wan HOLIDAYS ! ! !


March 22, 2010

Keep In Touch

Have a long long time din't update
In a few month,happen lots things

'Change Changing Changed"

Maybe that's a attitude that i should not have
Yea! Maybe I am
Or absolutely I am
For sure i really miss those friends ,buddies~
Just can say keep in touch
Although we are NOT
But just can say miss,don't lost the contact!

January 22, 2010

No Entry

Love a song deeply
It gave me meaningful feels
Love the feels
It come accidentally
Miss it much
Its fulfill my loneliness
Just keep repeat the song
Hundred and thousand times
Just keep repeat the feels
It will lost?
Is it too late?
I have no dare to have a answer
Deeply Refresh

January 11, 2010


That's the 1st article of the 2010~

Let's begin with the short paragraph of words

2009年的结束,正是2010年的开始。有人欢呼这一年的结束,有人依依不舍这一年的完结,更有人感慨这一年所发生的点点滴滴。无论这一年过得如何,是 好是坏,是否成功,快乐与否,它都已经结束了。2009年留下的足迹值得学习并吸取宝贵的经验,然而不停的回首只会让自己沾沾自喜,也可能让自己悔不当 初。淡然的迎接结束,充满自信的往前行,兵来将挡,水来土淹,现在胜于一切,确保自己将过充实的一年。

Ok, just can say that is a coincidence..

When i am ready to post this article

Then Miss Teh just send me this ~

Just can say too free

Senang till always sit and keep flash back 2009

That's lots memory..

I do appreciate that~

Some time just can say that is a fate that what had happen~

Isn't that's a new begin for me on 2010?

Wonder-ing . . . . . . . . . . .

December 30, 2009



I am trying to type an article for you
But after i have type then i just backspace the whole article

I am trying to type an article using Chinese word
But i am lazy,you know me well..right?

The night
Is the same with you
Just wan to sleep die

Problem fly over the mind
Round and round
Just keep rounding without any clues
Ya, that's not a good feeling
I know that feel clearly
But what can we do

Maybe the feel just force us used to it

And the feel just will always stuck at the same place
Need time
Hope the time can splash off those problem
Hope the time is useful

Hope that we can continue our crazy moment

Every moment Every move Every step
Has branded me for my life

I miss those~
Miss~I miss~
Maybe that's the way always let we feel comfortable

That's feeling